Book of Dimension
Max level: 5
Prerequisite skill: Document of Sun, Moon and Star level 3, Star Emperor Advent level 3
Type: Buff / Special
Description: Space skill
Can be used in WoE and PVP mode only.
Borrows the power of another dimension to increases the efficiency of the universe power for a certain period of time.
If you use a Nova Explosion or Star Emperor Advent in the skill duration, the following effects will be applied.
Nova Explosion: Skill cooldown and aftercast penalty are removed.
Star Emperor Advent: Creates two defensive spheres with a durability equal to caster's MaxSP for 30 seconds.

[Level 1]: last 60 seconds / Cooldown: 150 seconds
[Level 2]: last 60 seconds / Cooldown: 120 seconds
[Level 3]: last 60 seconds / Cooldown: 90 seconds
[Level 4]: last 60 seconds / Cooldown: 60 seconds
[Level 5]: last 60 seconds / Cooldown: 30 seconds


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.