Spell Fist
Spell Fist
MAX Lv : 5
Skill Requirement : Hindsight 4
Skill Form : Active / Special / Damage
Description : If the caster uses this skill while casting Fire Bolt or Cold Bolt or Lightening Bolt, the Bolt casting is cancelled but all the bolt's power is concentrated in the caster's hands. While in this state, physical attacks will deal magic damage of the bolt. The amount of damage depends on the skill level. The skill is cancelled when the duration expires or when the max number of hits is reached.
[Lv 1] : Duration 20 sec. / 2 times the max impact
[Lv 2] : Duration 25 sec. / 3 times the max impact
[Lv 3] : Duration 30 sec. / 4 times the max impact
[Lv 4] : Duration 35 sec. / 5 times the max impact
[Lv 5] : Duration 40 sec. / 6 times the max impact


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.