Siren's Voice
Siren's Voice
MAX Lv : 5
Skill Requirement : Song of Despair 3
Skill Form : Active / Debuff
Description : Tempt all enemies that are within
range to fall hopelessly in love with the Caster.
Monsters will be unable to attack or target the
caster with skills.
Affected targets will display a 'Heart' emoticon.
The duration of this skill is reduced based on the
target's base level and the skill is cancelled once
the target receives damage.
An instrument/whip is required to cast this skill.

[Lv 1] : Skill Range 5 x 5 / Skill Duration 15 sec.
[Lv 2] : Skill Range 7 x 7 / Skill Duration 18 sec.
[Lv 3] : Skill Range 9 x 9 / Skill Duration 21 sec.
[Lv 4] : Skill Range 11 x 11 / Skill Duration 24 sec.
[Lv 5] : Skill Range 13 x 13 / Skill Duration 27 sec.


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.