Aid Potion
Aid Potion
MAX Lv : 5
Skill Requirement : Prepare Potion 3
Skill Form: Supportive
Target: Single Ally
Description: Throw a potion to an ally that will
immediately take effect. Skill level determines
the type of potion thrown, so increasing this
skill's level makes more kinds of potions
usable with this skill.

[Lv 1]: 110% Potion Value, Red Potion
[Lv 2]: 120% Potion Value, Orange Potion
[Lv 3]: 130% Potion Value, Yellow Potion
[Lv 4]: 140% Potion Value, White Potion
[Lv 5]: 150% Potion Value, Blue Potion


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.