Tool Dealer Spritesheet


Inside Alberta (alberta_in)

Id Name Price
1750 Arrow 1z
656 Awakening Potion 2,200z
602 Butterfly Wing 1,000z
645 Concentration Potion 1,200z
713 Empty Bottle 400z
601 Fly Wing 250z
2243 Geek Glasses 20,000z
506 Green Potion 40z
611 Magnifier 40z
502 Orange Potion 50z
501 Red Potion 10z
504 White Potion 1,200z
503 Yellow Potion 180z
Title Quickinfo Info
Help the Dead Guy Tomorrow Reset at 4:00 a.m. You promised to help Drake's Ghost, but Mulberry's busy, so... Check with the [Jonda Agency Promoter]alberta_in,71,182,0,101,0 back in Alberta tomorrow.
Ghostring Card 1 obtained.