Level 3 Cookbook iRO Wikiexternal
Level 3 Recipes
''Enjoy the recipes of
this bestseller among
housewives and culinary adepts. Have fun!''
Bomber Steak
4 Meats
1 Old Frying Pan
10 Green Herbs
5 Red Chiles
1 Spicy Sauce
Honey Herbal Tea
2 Honey
10 White Herb
1 Yellow Spice
Fruit Mix
5 Apples
5 Bananas
5 Oranges
5 Strawberries
1 Yellow Spice
Tentacle Cheese Gratin
10 Tentacles
10 Cheeses
5 Yams
1 Sweet Sauce
Clam Soup
20 Clam Fleshes
10 Conches
1 Honey
1 Sweet Sauce
Fried Sweet Potato
10 Potatos
10 Yams
1 Sweet Potato
1 Sweet Sauce
Weight : 1

Item information

Id 7474
Sell price 375 zeny
Weight 1
Type Etc.
Subtype -
Can be dropped by player yes
Can be traded to another player yes
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart yes
Can be sold to NPC yes
Can be send via mail yes
Can be sold as an auction yes
Can be placed in guild storage yes
Name Chance
 Old Blue Box 0.01%
 Old Purple Box 0.01%


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.