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Angry Snarl
A headgear that finally allows its wearer to
express inner rage
or slight disgust.
Breathe new life into
your Bunny and Kitty
Band by looking like an angry kitty. Or bunny.
Class : Headgear
Defense: 6
Location: Lower
Weight : 5
Required Level : N/A
Jobs: All

Item information

Id 5113
Sell price 10 zeny
Weight 5
Type Armor
Subtype Helm
Location Lower Headgear
Can be dropped by player yes
Can be traded to another player yes
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart yes
Can be sold to NPC yes
Can be send via mail yes
Can be sold as an auction yes
Can be placed in guild storage yes



Level Name Health Race Element Scale Def MDef Hit Flee Type Chance
55 Goblin Leader 21,692 Human Wind 1 Medium 72 30 322 298 Normal 0.05%
91 Teddy Bear 6,284 Formless Neutral 3 Small 106 39 372 343 Normal 0.25%
91 Swift Teddy Bear 31,420 Formless Neutral 3 Small 106 39 372 343 Normal 1.25%
102 Heirozoist 11,280 Demon Dark 2 Small 101 68 369 355 Normal 0.01%


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Id Name
5521  Costume: Angry Snarl
18650  RWC Shouting Mouth
19651  C RWC Shouting Mouth
19798  (null)
Ghostring Card 1 obtained.