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Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo
Agimat Tattoo with a dragon swallowing the moon pattern. It is told that the one who owns this tattoo will possess extreme power.
Class: Accessory
Weight: 10
Usable By: All Jobs
Atk + 7%
Aspd + 10%

These information ignore any conditions. If an effect required an item upgrade it will just be displayed.

Beta Note: Item, Monster and Skillnames will be normalized in a later version

  • Increase damage dealt on Normal monsters by 7%
  • Increase damage dealt on Boss monsters by 7%
  • Increase damage dealt on Guardian monsters by 7%
  • Attack Speed % +10%

Item information

Id 2910
Sell price 10 zeny
Weight 10
Type Armor
Subtype Accessory
Location Accessory
Can be dropped by player yes
Can be traded to another player yes
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart yes
Can be sold to NPC yes
Can be send via mail yes
Can be sold as an auction yes
Can be placed in guild storage yes


By alojr10 on 7/18/2017 11:06:55 PM
Como eu consigo este item? Ele dropa de algum monstro? vende em algum lugar? (How do i get this item? Does it drop from some kind of monster? Does can it be buyed somewhere?)
By Helium on 8/27/2017 7:05:01 PM
Olá, alojr10. Segundo o bROWiki, as tatuagens são feitas durante o Festival de Pintados, que dura sete dias. Para fazer esta tatuagem, entregue ao tatuador (/navi ma_fild01 172/223) 10 Rancores Antigos, 1 Peça de Espírito de Bakonawa e 1 Boneco de Bakonawa. Aproveita, pois o festival recomeçou há 10 minutos.

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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.