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Perverse Demon Mask [1]
A demon mask found nearby a Buddha statue in Payon. Some say it has been used for some kind of ritual.
This accessory can only be equipped in the left accessory slot.
Class: Accessory
Weight: 60
Requires Level: 80
Usable By: All Jobs
For every 18 base Str,
Int + 3
Bypass 15% of hard magic defense of All Races when performing a magical attack.

For every 18 base Agi,
Luk + 3
Perfect Dodge + 1

For every 18 base Vit,
Dex + 3
Reduces the variable casting time of skills by 1%.

For every 18 base Int,
Str + 3
Reduces the global delay of skills by 1%.

For every 18 base Dex,
Vit + 3
Max HP + 1%

For every 18 base Luk,
Agi + 3
Bypass 15% of hard defense of All Races when performing a physical attack.

These information ignore any conditions. If an effect required an item upgrade it will just be displayed.

Beta Note: Item, Monster and Skillnames will be normalized in a later version

  • INT +0
  • Bypass magic defense of All race by $0%
  • STR +0
  • Reduces the cast delay of skills by $0%
  • DEX +0
  • Reduce Variable Cast Time for skills by 0%
  • VIT +0
  • Max HP +0%
  • LUK +0
  • Perfect Dodge +0
  • AGI +0
  • Pierces 0% of DEF on All race targets when performing a physical attack

Item information

Sell price 10 zeny
Weight 60
Type Armor
Subtype -
Location Accessory
Can be dropped by player yes
Can be traded to another player yes
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart yes
Can be sold to NPC yes
Can be send via mail yes
Can be sold as an auction yes
Can be placed in guild storage yes


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.