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Battle Manual Box
A box that contains
10 Battle Manuals.
Battle Manual - Increases EXP rate to 150% for
a 30 minute duration.
Weight : 1

Item information

Sell price 10 zeny
Weight 1
Type Cash
Subtype Special
Can be dropped by player no
Can be traded to another player no
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart no
Can be sold to NPC no
Can be send via mail no
Can be sold as an auction no
Can be placed in guild storage no
Name Chance
10x  Battle Manual 100%
 Unknown Item 0
 RWC Groove Pack 2
 Thanksgiving Groove Pack
 Groovy Dragon Box
 Fortune EggⅤ
 Rideword Hat Box
 Incarnation Of Morocc Doll Box
 New Recruit Pack
 Recruit's Mount Gift
 Safe to 7 Chance Box
 Garrick's Storm Scroll
 Aeon Firesong Scroll
 Geheimnis Terra Scroll
 Wisdom Scroll
 Christmas Holiday Box
 Valentine Scroll
 Love Scroll
 Buddah Scroll
 New Super Pet Egg 2
 Bi Hwang Scroll
 Scroll of Wealth
 Ardor Scroll
 2013 Lucky Scroll 2
 Unknown Item 14698
 Unknown Item 14701
 Unknown Item 14702
 Unknown Item 14720
 Unknown Item 14750
 Unknown Item 14755
 Unknown Item 14760
 Unknown Item 14761
 Unknown Item 14764
 Unknown Item 14768
 Unknown Item 14770
 Unknown Item 14773
 Unknown Item 14775
 Unknown Item 14777
 Unknown Item 14779
 Unknown Item 14784
 Unknown Item 14787
 Unknown Item 14792
 Unknown Item 14793
 Unknown Item 14801
 Unknown Item 14802
 Unknown Item 14804
 Unknown Item 14808
 Unknown Item 14809
 Unknown Item 14811
 Unknown Item 14812
 Unknown Item 14813
 Unknown Item 14834
 Unknown Scroll
 Ribbon of Bride Scroll
 Swimming Scroll
 Aributa Scroll
 Flame Scroll
 Unknown Item 16654
 Unknown Item 16665
 Scorpius Scroll
 Unknown Item 17018
 Unknown Item 17019
 Summer Scroll3
 Sagittarius Scroll
 March and Groove Pack
 May You Groove On Pack
 Aquarius Scroll
 Marching Hat Box
 Taurus Scroll
 Starry Scroll
 March Groove and Win Crate
 Unknown Item 17134
 Charming Red Scroll
 Blue Sea Scroll
 Unknown Item 22655
 Unknown Item 22689
 Unknown Item 22731
 Unknown Item 22805
 Unknown Item 22890
 Unknown Item 22904
 Unknown Item 22939
 Unknown Item 22940
 Unknown Item 22941
 Unknown Item 22942
 Unknown Item 23002
 Unknown Item 23004
 Unknown Item 23006
 Unknown Item 23018
 Unknown Item 23020
 Unknown Item 23056
 Unknown Item 23057
 Unknown Item 23067
 Unknown Item 23068
 Unknown Item 23089
 Unknown Item 23090
 Unknown Item 23102
 Unknown Item 23103
 Unknown Item 23110
 Unknown Item 23111
 Unknown Item 23121


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.