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Moist Macaron
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작고 동그란 머랭 크러스트 사이에 잼과 크림을 채워 만든 쿠키.
겉은 바삭하면서도 속은 부드럽고 촉촉하다.

HP 를 2000 가량 회복 시켜준다.
(해당 아이템은 이벤트 종료 시, 일괄 삭제됩니다.)

요구 레벨 : 60
Weight: 0.1

Item information

Sell price -
Weight 0.1
Type Consumable
Subtype Regeneration
Can be dropped by player no
Can be traded to another player no
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart no
Can be sold to NPC no
Can be send via mail no
Can be sold as an auction no
Can be placed in guild storage no
Added 2024-03-06


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Date Field Old New
Ghostring Card 1 obtained.