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Skill Shadow Spellbook (Melee)
100207 Skill_Sha_R_M_Melee

[Target items]
Sonic, Ignition, Cold Breath, Fire Breath, Cluster, Aimed, Arrow, Shooting, Tornado, Boomerang, Vulcan, Arm, Rampage, Sky Blow, Knuckle Arrow, Tiger Cannon, Duple, Adora, Judex, Magnus, Rainstorm, Arrow Vulcan, Metallic, Reverberation, Triangle, Shadow Spell, Menace, Feint, Rolling, Katar, Slash, Ripper Slasher, Dust, Grave, Psychic, Varetyr, Jack, Strain, Crimson, Chain, Cart Tornado, Cart Cannon, Spore Bomb, Crazy, Brand, Chain Press, Vanishing Cannon, Genesis, Tail Dragon, Flare Dance, God Hammer, Shatter Buster, Trip, Super Magic, Super Power, Kunai, Cross Shuriken, First Exploding Draft, Wind Spear Petal, Picky Rush, Savage Rabbit, Catnip, Silvervine, Sunshine, Moonlight, Stardust, Es, Evil Curse Shadow
Weight: 1


These information ignore any conditions. If an effect required an item upgrade it will just be displayed.

Item information

Sell price -
Weight 1
Type Consumable
Subtype Special
Can be dropped by player yes
Can be traded to another player yes
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart yes
Can be sold to NPC yes
Can be send via mail yes
Can be sold as an auction yes
Can be placed in guild storage yes
Added 2020-04-01
Name Chance Refine Enchant
 쉐도우 마법서 상자 0.03%
 Kachua's Secret Box 0.35%


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This Lapine Upgrade Box can enchant or upgrade the following items.

Name min. Refine Enchants
Sonic Shadow Armor 0
Sonic Shadow Shield 0
Sonic Shadow Shoes 0
Ignition Shadow Weapon 0
Ignition Shadow Pendant 0
Ignition Shadow Earring 0
Cold Breath Shadow Armor 0
Cold Breath Shadow Shield 0
Cold Breath Shadow Shoes 0
Firebreath Shadow Weapon 0
Firebreath Pendant Shadow 0
Firebreath Earring Shadow 0
Cluster Shadow Armor 0
Cluster Shadow Shield 0
Cluster Shadow Shoes 0
Aimed Shadow Weapon 0
Aimed Shadow Pendant 0
Aimed Shadow Earring 0
Arrow Shadow Armor 0
Arrow Shadow Shield 0
Arrow Shadow Shoes 0
Shooting Shadow Weapon 0
Shooting Shadow Pendant 0
Shooting Shadow Earrings 0
Tornado Shadow Armor 0
Tornado Shadow Shield 0
Tornado Shadow Shoes 0
Boomerang Shadow Weapon 0
Boomerang Shadow Pendant 0
Boomerang Shadow Earring 0
Vulcan Shadow Armor 0
Vulcan Shadow Shield 0
Vulcan Shadow Shoes 0
Arm Shadow Weapon 0
Arm Shadow Pendant 0
Arm Shadow Earring 0
Rampage Shadow Armor 0
Rampage Shadow Shield 0
Rampage Shadow Shoes 0
Skyblow Shadow Weapon 0
Skyblow Shadow Pendant 0
Skyblow Shadow Earring 0
Knuckle Arrow Shadow Armor 0
Knuckle Arrow Shadow Shield 0
Knuckle Arrow Shadow Shoes 0
Tiger Cannon Shadow Weapon 0
Tiger Cannon Shadow Pendant 0
Tiger Cannon Shadow Earring 0
Duple Shadow Armor 0
Duple Shadow Shield 0
Duple Shadow Shoes 0
Adoramus Shadow Weapon 0
Adoramus Shadow Pendant 0
Adoramus Shadow Earring 0
Judex Shadow Armor 0
Judex Shadow Shield 0
Judex Shadow Shoes 0
Magnus Shadow Weapon 0
Magnus Shadow Pendant 0
Magnus Shadow Earrings 0
Rainstorm Shadow Armor 0
Rainstorm Shadow Shield 0
Rainstorm Shadow Shoes 0
Arrow Vulcan Shadow Weapon 0
Arrow Vulcan Shadow Pendant 0
Arrow Vulcan Shadow Earrings 0
Metallic Shadow Armor 0
Metallic Shadow Shield 0
Metallic Shadow Shoes 0
Reverberation Shadow Weapon 0
Reverberation Shadow Pendant 0
Reverberation Shadow Earring 0
Jack Shadow Armor 0
Jack Shadow Shield 0
Jack Shadow Shoes 0
Strain Shadow Weapon 0
Strain Shadow Pendant 0
Strain Shadow Earring 0
Crimson Shadow Armor 0
Crimson Shadow Shield 0
Crimson Shadow Shoes 0
Chain Shadow Weapon 0
Chain Shadow Pendant 0
Chain Shadow Earring 0
Triangle Shadow Armor 0
Triangle Shadow Shield 0
Triangle Shadow Shoes 0
Shadowspell Shadow Weapon 0
Shadowspell Shadow Pendant 0
Shadowspell Shadow Earring 0
Menace Shadow Armor 0
Menace Shadow Shield 0
Menace Shadow Shoes 0
Feint Shadow Weapon 0
Feint Shadow Pendant 0
Feint Shadow Earrings 0
Rolling Shadow Armor 0
Rolling Shadow Shield 0
Rolling Shadow Shoes 0
Katar Shadow Weapon 0
Katar Shadow Pendant 0
Katar Shadow Earring 0
Slash Shadow Armor 0
Slash Shadow Shield 0
Slash Shadow Shoes 0
Ripperslasher Shadow Weapon 0
Ripperslasher Shadow Pendant 0
Ripperslasher Shadow Earring 0
Dust Shadow Armor 0
Dust Shadow Shield 0
Dust Shadow Shoes 0
Grave Shadow Weapon 0
Grave Shadow Pendant 0
Grave Shadow Earring 0
Psychic Shadow Armor 0
Psychic Shadow Shield 0
Psychic Shadow Shoes 0
Varetyr Shadow Weapon 0
Varetyr Shadow Pendant 0
Varetyr Shadow Earring 0
Cart Tornado Shadow Armor 0
Cart Tornado Shadow Shield 0
Cart Tornado Shadow Shoes 0
Cart Cannon Shadow Weapon 0
Cart Cannon Shadow Pendant 0
Cart Cannon Shadow Earrings 0
Spore Bomb Shadow Armor 0
Spore Bomb Shadow Shield 0
Spore Bomb Shadow Shoes 0
Crazy Shadow Weapon 0
Crazy Shadow Pendant 0
Crazy Shadow Earring 0
Overbrand Shadow Armor 0
Overbrand Shadow Shield 0
Overbrand Shadow Shoes 0
Chain Press Shadow Weapon 0
Chain Press Shadow Pendant 0
Chain Press Shadow Earring 0
Vanishing Cannon Shadow Armor 0
Vanishing Cannon Shadow Shield 0
Vanishing Cannon Shadow Shoes 0
Genesis Shadow Weapon 0
Genesis Shadow Pendant 0
Genesis Shadow Earrings 0
Tail Dragon Shadow Weapon 0
Tail Dragon Shadow Shield 0
Tail Dragon Shadow Armor 0
Fire Dance Shadow Earring 0
Fire Dance Shadow Pendant 0
Fire Dance Shadow Shoes 0
God Hammer Shadow Weapon 0
God Hammer Shadow Shield 0
God Hammer Shadow Armor 0
Shatter Buster Shadow Earring 0
Shatter Buster Shadow Pendant 0
Shatter Buster Shadow Shoes 0
Round Trip Shadow Weapon 0
Round Trip Shadow Shield 0
Round Trip Shadow Armor 0
Super Magic Shadow Shield 0
Super Magic Shadow Armor 0
Super Magic Shadow Shoes 0
Super Power Shadow Weapon 0
Super Power Shadow Pendant 0
Super Power Shadow Earring 0
Kunai Shadow Weapon 0
Kunai Shadow Shield 0
Kunai Shadow Armor 0
Cross Shuriken Shadow Earring 0
Cross Shuriken Shadow Pendant 0
Cross Shuriken Shadow Shoes 0
First Exploding Draft Shadow Weapon 0
First Exploding Draft Shadow Shield 0
First Exploding Draft Shadow Armor 0
Wind Spear Petal Shadow Earring 0
Wind Spear Petal Shadow Pendant 0
Wind Spear Petal Shadow Shoes 0
Picky Rush Shadow Weapon 0
Picky Rush Shadow Shield 0
Picky Rush Shadow Armor 0
Savage Rabbit Shadow Earring 0
Savage Rabbit Shadow Pendant 0
Savage Rabbit Shadow Shoes 0
Catnip Shadow Weapon 0
Catnip Shadow Shield 0
Catnip Shadow Armor 0
Silvervine Shadow Earring 0
Silvervine Shadow Pendant 0
Silvervine Shadow Shoes 0
Sunshine Shadow Weapon 0
Sunshine Shadow Shield 0
Sunshine Shadow Armor 0
Moonlight Shadow Earring 0
Moonlight Shadow Pendant 0
Moonlight Shadow Shoes 0
Stardust Shadow Weapon 0
Stardust Shadow Shield 0
Stardust Shadow Armor 0
Es Shadow Weapon 0
Es Shadow Shield 0
Es Shadow Armor 0
Evil Curse Shadow Earring 0
Evil Curse Shadow Pendant 0
Evil Curse Shadow Shoes 0
Auto Spell Shadow Shield 0
Auto Spell Shadow Armor 0
Auto Spell Shadow Shoes 0
Auto Spell Shadow Weapon 0
Auto Spell Shadow Pendant 0
Auto Spell Shadow Earring 0
Date Field Old New
Ghostring Card 1 obtained.