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(null) (null) (null) (null) Evil Snake Lord Hat [1] Overseas Care Package XVIII Valkyrie Drop [1] Arch Bishop Ring [1] Costume Enchant Stone Box 6 Costume Enchant Stone Box 5 Lian Robe [1] Lian Shield [1] Lian Shoes [1] Sharel Shoes [1] Devil's Hand Royal Guard Necklace Costume Night Sky of Memory Tooth Blade [1] Dark Elf Scroll (null) (null) (null) (null) (null) Tower Keeper Card Costume: Beret Of Artist Aladdin Lamp [1] Chewy Gelato [1] Scalpel [3] Boots Of Gray [1] 不死の軍団認識票 [1] アクセラレータチップ [1] [衣装] 手作りお弁当帽子 [衣装] ブンタンメット [衣装] オレンジメット [衣装] ユズメット [衣装] ポップコーン帽子 [衣装] くまくん [衣装] イグドラシルクラウン アクエリアス


Upgraded Heart Hunter Horn Scaraba Antler Scaraba Egg Antler Scaraba Antler Scaraba Horn Scaraba Egg Queen Scaraba Rake Horn Scaraba Rake Horn Scaraba Egg Rake Scaraba Uni-horn Scaraba Uni-horn Scaraba Egg YSF01 Seyren Pet child Venomous Chimera Material Chimera Human Chimera Elena Bolkova Grudge of Broken Gun Heart Hunter Ebel Heart Hunter Guard Special Guard Fortified Marin Reinforced Poring Reinforced Poporing Reinforced Drops Giant Amering Giant Goldring Great King Poring Zombie Farmiliar Skeleton Blue Teddy Bear White Teddy Bear Green Teddy Bear Yellow Teddy Bear Red Teddy Bear Vicious Mind Haunted Obsidian Soul Fragment Hardworking Pitman

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Storing Ragnarok related data

Beside your accound data you enter during registration on this site we save some information about Ragnarok Online when uploading replays. Below you will find the detailed list of information

Data Description Example
accountId The account number sent by ragnarok online servers. 100001
characterId The character id of the character. This is not saved for all charcters. Just the one captured via the profiler. 100001
name The name of the character mrdiablo
job The job id of the character 4012
base level The base level of the character 150
job level The job level of the character 50
effect state Special effects for the character like pecopeco, bird or cart. 8
head The sprite number of the characters head. 23
headPalette The palette number of the characters head. 8
bodyPalette The palette number of the characters cloth. 1
The sprite id of the characters upper, middle and lower head. 107
robe The sprite id of the characters robe. 1
weapon The sprite id of the characters weapon. 1
shield The sprite id of the characters shield. 1
gender The sprite id of the characters robe. 1
couple_id The gid of the characters couple (only for legacy euRO). 100001
child_id The gid of the characters child (only for legacy euRO). 100001
father_id The gid of the characters father (only for legacy euRO). 100001
mother_id The gid of the characters mother (only for legacy euRO). 100001
guildname The name of the guild the character is in. Divine Pride
guild_id The id of the guild the character is in. This is used for the emblems. 1
guild_leader Specifies if the character is leader of the guild. (only for legacy euRO). true/false
guild_posname The characters position in the guild. Position 20
homun_gid The id of the characters homunculus (only for legacy euRO). 1001
homun_name The name of the characters homunculus (only for legacy euRO). Filir
homun_lvl The level of the characters homunculus (only for legacy euRO). 40
homun_job The job id of the characters homunculus (only for legacy euRO). 3001
dtUpdate Date when the character was last updated. 2013-07-02 15:33:11
source Internal source where the character got imported from. 1
All these information is stored in the replay files of Ragnarok Online and is collected via the replay parser.

Ghostring Card 1 obtained.