Updates 1 Comment(s)

Added a lot monster information to our database. These monsters should include

  • Fire Basin
  • Geffen Tournament
  • Faceworm Nest
  • Siege TE
  • X-Mas Dungeon instance
  • other episode 14.3 monsters
with their respective skills and drops.

February updates 2 Comment(s)

Site updates
  • Added more BBCodes to forum: buff, achievement, title
  • Extended the achievement information. You will see the requirements and the rewards
  • Items received by achievements now have a link to the achievement
  • Bugfixes

We reworked some tooltips and also added some new ones.

You can use this for your site by adding this snippet to your site.
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.divine-pride.net/scripts/tooltip.js?v=20160217">

January Update 2 Comment(s)

We just published a new version of our divine-pride.net website. Most changes are hidden to make development much easier for me. It could also lead to a very small reduction of loading time.

  • New item layout. You are able to see what actions are possible (e.g. put in store, trade, drop, sell)
  • New topics and posts will be linked to the Ragnarok Online Discord in the divine-pride.net channel
  • The forum has now a filter for tags. You may filter changelogs for specific servers
  • The skill simulator not categorize jobs to make them easier to find.

  • Replay page always displayed kRO as server
  • Replay page showed upload date instead of recording date, now both dates are shown
  • New topics showed 1 comment/1 reply. This has been fixed.

Quest database 0 Comment(s)

We finally added the quest database. You will find the starting and completing npc for every step as well as all the quest steps.
For example the Cursed Property quest.

Note: Not all quests could be parsed, so there might be no steps.

Updated Service 4 Comment(s)

We just published a new update to the divine-pride.net services.
It was mostly just a revamp of the infrastructure, so you shouldn't be affected by it. There might be some errors due to this, so please feel free to contact me if you find some.

The Api got some updates, like map information now shows monster spawn.

October 8
  • Fixed an incorrect maintenance message for non-existent monsters

October 7
  • It should be possible again to sort monsters by their name

New Feature - MVP Timer 6 Comment(s)

We are proud to present you a new feature on divine-pride.net.

MVP Timer

You can find the new MVP Timer in the tools Section. To create a new timer you will need to register an account. You can share it with your friends by simply sharing the url displayed in the timer.

If you allow divine-pride.net to send you notifications, you will also receive a small information when the mvp spawns.