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iRO changelog November 23, 2022


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87: HAT_EF_Digital_Space
hatEffectID = 1240
resourceFileName =
hatEffectPos =
hatEffectPosX =
isAdjustPositionWhenShrinkState =
isAdjustSizeWhenShrinkState =
isRenderBeforeCharacter =
isIgnoreRiding =
isAttachedHead =


Id: (23919)

Kachua's Secret Key
The key to unlocking Kachua's Secret Box. It contains various treasures!
The contents of the secret box change every month, so please check before using it.
When opened gives one of the following
Shadow Smelting Hammer 0.40%
Race Shadow Mix Box 0.40%
Advanced Refining Certificate Envelope 0.80%
Essence of Powerful Soul 0.76%
Celine Dress 0.14%
Skyblow Shadow Weapon 0.15%
Skyblow Shadow Pendant 0.15%
Skyblow Shadow Earring 0.15%
Ripperslasher Shadow Weapon 0.15%
Ripperslasher Shadow Pendant 0.15%
Ripperslasher Shadow Earring 1.15%
Refining Certificate Envelope 5.00%
GreaAncient Hero's Boots 5.00%
All Race Shadow Shoesncient Hero's Boots Modifying Cube 5.00%
Class Weapon Shadow Cube 2.94%
Class Armor Shadow Cube 2.94%
Class Shoes Shadow Cube 2.93%
Class Shield Shadow Cube 2.93%
Class Pendant Shadow Cube 2.93%
Class Earring Shadow Cube 2.93%
Phantom's Invitation x3 1.00%
HE Bubble Gum x2 14.00%
Bloody Branch x2 14.00%
Yggdrasilberry Box 14.00%
Alchemist Box 14.00%
In addition every Kachua opened will award
HE Battle Manual 100.00%
Type: Usable
Weight: 0
====== auto-parsed ======
Weight : 0

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