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  1. Added Item Efst Changed Skill Item Efst Files
  2. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Efst Files
  3. Added Item Changed Item Files
  4. Added LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox HatEffect Skill Item Files
  5. Today we'll introduce the new systems that will come along with fourth class. 1. Activity Point system When you change class to fourth class. You'll gain an Activity Point (AP) following HP and SP. AP will be used by some powerful skills. Max value of AP is 200 for all fourth class jobs. <Exclusive AP system for fourth class jobs will be added> AP can only be recovered by using certain skills that have ability to recovery AP. Some skills can recover AP to other players, or even consume AP from other players. (Above : Madness Crush
  6. Changed Skill Item Efst Files
  7. Instance Detail Entry NPC : Oscar (locates on around 10 O'clock of Glast Heim map) Required Level : 170 or higher Instance time : 60 minutes duration. 3 days cooldown Reward : Temporal Fragment Temporal Gemstone Temporal Spell Sealed Temporal Circlet The instance has 10 level difficulties. Higher level give you more reward. And the lower time spend in the instance, the higher amount of reward obtained. The rewards are used to exchange the new set of headge
  8. Finally. The new content that has been prepared since the end of 2019! We are excited to introduce "fourth classes" to the players. Currently the team is focusing on development of the fourth classes and skill balance of the third classes. We are preparing to you in Sakray server ASAP. Today we'll introduce the new system related to fourth classes and introduce the skill balance of the third classes. 1. Fourth Classes Fourth classes can be changed from third classes (base level 200 / job level 70) <Finally. The fourth classes are
  9. 1. Episode 17.1 "Illusion" "Terra Gloria" is returned to the Rune Midgarts Kingdom. The adventurers will have a new adventure with Secret Wing. New story line, new dungeons, new monsters and new equipment are waiting for you all! Secret Wing with their rebellions are ready for the new battle! New monsters are waiting for the adventurers. New equipment from new episode. 2. Third classes second costumes Finally. The second costumes for third classes are updated. Players can change their costume via "Costume change ticket" in Stylist Sho
  10. Cooking system has been improved on May 2019 to improve the convenience on cooking. 1. Reduces the weight of all foods to 5. 2. Reduces the amount of all required ingredients to 1. make the cooking be more easier. 3. Improves the recipes of level 1 foods to be easier to cooking. EX : Removes Honey from Honey Grape Juice recipe. 4. Foods recovers small amount of HP upon using. 5. 6 types of each stat foods (from level 5) can be combined into 1 food that increases all stat. New foods recipes
  11. Dev team will show you the developing contents of critical-able skills adjustment, Royal Guard, Sura, Mechanic and Genetic adjustment, and new updates that will be updated in the future. 1. Critical-able skills adjustment. For obvious reason. The critical-able skills become more popular. As critical also apply 140% of max damage and ignore Hit/Flee calculation to the skills too. In addition, %critical damage modifier is applied on final damage after %race/size/property modifier applied. The non-critical-able skills only rely on the same modifier such as %long ranged modifier and %mel
  12. On 01/04/2020. There are some changes. Mostly on changing monsters drop in various dungeons and instances. The details as below. 1. Illusion dungeons (Illusion of Moonlight, Illusion of Vampire, Illusion of Frozen, Illusion of Abyss Turtle Island, Illusion of Teddy Bear, Illusion of Launda, Illusion of Labyrinth, Illusion of Under Water) 1.1. All monsters will drop Illusion Stone. 1.2. All normal and boss monsters in each Illusion dungeons will drop refine boxes that are corresponding to the dungeon. 1.3. Normal and boss monsters in each Illusion dungeons will drop Illusion weapons
  13. Added LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox Item Efst Changed LapineUpgradeBox Item Files
  14. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Skill Item Files
  15. Added LapineUpgradeBox Item Changed Quest Item Files
  16. Added LapineDdukddakBox ItemRandOption Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox ItemRandOption Item Files
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