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  1. Hey Dia, thank you so much for your quick answer. Yeah, you're right. I just noticed that while I'm in bRO and if I search for "poring" I'll see some items that are not available in bRO like the 4545 (Novice Poring Card). Is that the expected behavior? Thanks.
  2. Hey there! I would like to report something weird in the Items API, I used to make a Item call like this: https://www.divine-pride.net/api/database/item/4545?apiKey=API_KEY&server=bRO But then suddenly 2 days ago I believe it stopped working, so I was here debugging and removing the server parameter or replacing the value by kRO it works, so I guess at least with bRO is not working anymore, FYI I get this error: So I tried to specify the languague in order to get item descriptions in portuguese with the Accept-Language header set to pt-BR but it doesn't work either, it always give me english description. We use DivinePride API in a Discord Bot exclusive for my guild, I really would like to have that back working. Thank you so much!
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