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About Me

  1. Added Accessory HatEffect Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Quest
  2. Changed LapineDdukddakBox HatEffect Item Efst Files
  3. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox HatEffect Item Files
  4. Added SignBoard Item Changed Quest HatEffect Item Files
  5. Changed Quest HatEffect Files
  6. Added LapineUpgradeBox Quest Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox HatEffect Item Files
  7. Changed HatEffect Item Files
  8. Added Robe Item Changed HatEffect Item Files
  9. Added LapineUpgradeBox Item Changed HatEffect Item Files
  10. Added Accessory Item Changed Item Files
  11. Changed LapineDdukddakBox Quest Item Efst Files
  12. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Item Files
  13. Some skills have been improved as below 1. Knight classes 1.1. Brandish Spear - Reduces cooldown from 2 seconds to 1 second. 1.2. Pierce - Improves number of attack hit depends on target size, small : 2 hits, medium : 3 hits, large : 4 hits. 1.3. Clashing Spiral - Improves damage depends on target size. 1.4. Spear Dynamo / Aura Blade - Adds buff icon. - When reconnecting (moving to certain maps). The skill effect no longer be removed. 1.5. Bowling Bash - Reduces cooldown from 3 seconds to 1.8 seconds. - Reduces knock-back distance to 2 cells. - Increases SP consu
  14. Changed Skill Item Files
  15. Added LapineUpgradeBox Quest Map NpcIdentity MonsterSize MonsterEffect SignBoard Item Card Changed LapineDdukddakBox Map Item Files
  16. Some cards from original game have been replaced by new card with identical name, illustration but distinct item ID and effect. 27153# Golden Thiefbug Card Its effects has been changed. New effects : Mdef + 250, reduces physical defense by 90%. 27154# Maya Card Its effects has been changed. New effects : Reduces damage taken from wind and ghost property by 20%, increases damage taken from fire and shadow property by 20%, reduces damage taken from demihuman and brute race enemies by 30%. Prefix has been changed to "of Block" 27206# Doppelganger Card Gea
  17. Added Skill Changed Quest SignBoard Skill Item Files
  18. Changed SignBoard Skill Item Files
  19. Added MonsterSize MonsterEffect Changed MonsterEffect Skill Files
  20. Added ItemRandOption Accessory NpcIdentity Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox ItemRandOption Quest Map Item Efst Files
  21. Added Robe Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Quest Item Files
  22. Changed Skill Item Files
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