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  1. Added Item Changed Item
  2. Changed MsgStringTable Item
  3. Added MsgStringTable LapineUpgradeBox Quest Map MonsterSize MonsterEffect SignBoard Skill Item Efst Card Changed MsgStringTable LapineUpgradeBox HatEffect Map MonsterSize Skill Item Efst
  4. Added Quest Accessory Map Card Changed
  5. Changed MsgStringTable Map
  6. Changed Achievement Quest Item
  7. Added Achievement Title Quest Robe Map SignBoard Item Card Changed MsgStringTable Achievement Quest Map Skill Item Efst
  8. Added Quest NpcIdentity MonsterSize MonsterEffect SignBoard Item Card Changed MsgStringTable Map NpcIdentity MonsterSize Item Efst
  9. Added LapineUpgradeBox Quest NpcIdentity Item Card Changed Map NpcIdentity SignBoard Item
  10. Added Item Changed MsgStringTable
  11. Changed Skill Item Efst
  12. Added Quest Item Card Changed MsgStringTable
  13. Added Quest MonsterSize MonsterEffect Item Changed Quest Map NpcIdentity Efst
  14. Changed MsgStringTable Quest Item
  15. Added Efst Changed Skill Item Efst
  16. Added Item Card Changed Achievement
  17. Added Achievement Title SignBoard Item Card Changed MsgStringTable Quest Skill Item Efst
  18. Added SignBoard Item Card Changed Item
  19. Added Item Changed MsgStringTable HatEffect Item
  20. Added NpcIdentity Item Card Changed Item
  21. Added SignBoard Item Changed MsgStringTable Item
  22. Used as checklist of IRO OCP. Items with red and italic letter mean it already be implemented to IRO. (count every item even it doesn't be put in OCP yet such as Einherjar Armor). Some of them don't be directly in Ragcan but They're in limited package but also be implemented IRO as well such as Gambler Seal. I translated some of their name directly from JRO name so it may not match with IRO name. Since most of OCP items are from limited JRO package. So items from in-game limited events like Nameless Swordsman's Boots or from in-game contents like Abyss King's Ring may not be put in OCP. https://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/store/ragcan2012june.html Lumiere Manteau [1] Kano Knife White Student Cap https://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/store/ragcan2012july.html Devil's Wing [1] Wood Goblin's Nose Hagalaz Knife Poison Manteau [1] Valkyrie Cape [1] Valkyrie Robe [1] https://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/store/ragcan2012september.html Butterfly Wing Ears Torrent Manteau [1] Assassin's Shoes Bunker Shield Krishnaga [1] Esprit Manteau [1] Happiness Cloth [1] Thunder Pedigree Book [2] Rabbit Hairband (Peach) https://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/store/ragcan2012october.html Goal Tender Mask Starlight Scope Severe Earthquake Manteau [1] Fisherman's Shoes Book of Destiny [1] Owl's Dagger [1] Assassin's Muffler [1] Sage's Shoes [1] Nectar Suit [1] Poison Spore Cap [1] https://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/store/ragcan2012november.html New Wave Sunglasses Azure Dragon Armor [1] Exorcist's Shoes Flame Wing Ears Ice Pedigree Book [2] https://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/store/ragcan2012december.html Vermilion Bird Armor [1] Storm Manteau [1] Insect Collector's Shoes Ice Wing Ears Kogarasumaru [2] Spartacus [2] Flame Pedigree Book [2] Hippo Hat [1] White Snake [1] Elder Crown [1] https://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/store/ragcan2012special.html Heart Eyepatch Immune Boots [1] Gale Hair Ornament https://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/store/10th-package-dl.html Valkyrie Circlet [1] Rose Casquette [1] Thorn Hairband [1] Imperial Feather Bankruptcy Mask
  23. Added LapineUpgradeBox Quest Accessory Map SignBoard Item Card Changed MsgStringTable Item
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