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#1 Dia


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Posted 15 Nov 2016 10:02

Some of you already recognized the pet tab for some monsters and items.

I am currently looking for replays with cute pets to get more information about their hunger, intimacy and food. I got most values for older pets, but still missing it for new pets.
Feel free to drop your replays on the datamining page.

I hope to implement some more features in the future.

  • AI downloads
  • Skin downloads
  • More information about pet evolution
  • Maybe some kind of "suggest translation"
  • Information about skill casttime and delay
  • Updating the data
  • Browsable gallery

#2 mints


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Posted 18 Jan 2017 05:15

Thank you for providing this awesome service I had been using another database which seems to be out of date. I haven't figured how to use the monster lookup
the thing I am looking for is what the monster is weak too. As I am a newer player in ragnarok.

Take care and keep it coming :)

#3 Dia


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Posted 18 Jan 2017 08:21


I will add some information to the todo list.

  • Show element information (e.g. 200% from fire)
  • Add information about cards/gear increasing damage to this monster.

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