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Quests Terra Gloria 16.2

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The quests from IDs 16009 to 16061 are out of date. In kRO they were changed for this episode, you are still using the old one.

16009 "Fighting is the language of warmonger"
16010 "Battle in great condition"
16011 "Arena entrance"
16012 "Troublesome twin"
16013 "Testimony: Chef's story"
16014 "Testimony: Sniper's story"
16015 "The cause of failure is a careless attempt"
16016 "Borrowing wisdom of the experts"
16017 "Twin's sincere confession"
16018 "Encourage instead of punishment"
16019 "Elena Volkova's Solution"
16020 "Daily babysitting"
16021 "Service: Book lending agent"
16022 "Service: Book lending agent"
16023 "Service: Book lending agent"
16024 "Service: Loaned book delivery"
16025 "Service: Exploring the Mine Dungeon"
16026 "Service: Exploring the Mine Dungeon"
16027 "Service: Cookies delivery"
16028 "Service: Cookies delivery"
16029 "Service: Cookies delivery"
16030 "Service: Cookies delivery"
16031 "Service: Cookies delivery"
16032 "Hospitality to senior"
16033 "Bring dessert and listen the story"
16034 "Sweet cookies once a day"
16035 "Delivery: Explosive revolver materials"
16036 "Expert's keen eye"
16037 "Material collection once a day"
16038 "Collect 2 Oridecons"
16039 "Collect 2 Eluniums"
16040 "Collect 5 Irons"
16041 "Investigation: Capture strolling cat operation"
16042 "Charity temporarily stays"
16043 "Investigation: Capture someone's craving operation"
16044 "In charge of Charity"
16045 "Veteran's small memorial service"
16046 "DIY obtaining bouquet materials"
16047 "Quiet memorial ceremony"
16048 "Traces of old story"
16049 "Quiet dawn"
16050 "Tribute hour"
16051 "DIY obtaining bouquet materials"
16052 "Quiet memorial ceremony"
16053 "Ongoing old story"
16054 "Differentiated advertising strategy"
16055 "Advertising: Dou you want a clean city?"
16056 "Advertising: Then blow it all away!"
16057 "Advertising: Suitable revenge for old age!"
16058 "Slow advertising effect"
16059 "Differentiated advertising strategy"
16060 "Fighting is the language of warmonger"
16061 "Fair and equitable result"

New quests name taken from rAthena.

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