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  1. - Mechanic - Mechanic improvement focus on Magogear improvement which increases flexibility and convenience of usage 1. Increases movement speed while Madogear is equiped, depends on level of Madogear license. On level 5. Movement speed is equal to knight with Pecopeco. 2. Madogear will receive natural HP recovery like normal state. 3. Increases weight limit by 1500 while Madogear is equiped. 4. Mado MCs usually face the hard time when they died, especially in instance, because of they will lost their Madogear. So [Emergency Madogear] is added. Can be bought at M
  2. On level expansion patch of main classes. Many skills of main classes has been adjusted as below. Note : Some skills aren't up to date because of there are some changes later from class improvement. 1 Rune Knight 1.1 Enchant Blade - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Changes SP consumption per level. 1.2 Sonic Wave - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Improves damage formula. New damage formula : (700 + (100 x skill level))%Atk. - Improve hit rate depends on skill level. - Changes SP consumption per level. 2 Royal Guard 2.1 Shield Press -
  3. 1. Angel Poring Boots Enchant
  4. Today we'll introduce the update plan the fourth quarter of this year. Before the introduction. We would like to tell the info about fourth class jobs and related system that recently updated. Currently the dev team is continuing to adjust the balance of each jobs. Not just damage but also play style, positioning and more. The fourth class jobs update and trait status system also be part of the balance. Rather than to rely on damage of fourth class skills. The purpose of fourth class skills are to be the synergy with previous class skills to increases effectiveness and surv
  5. Nightmare Old Glast Heim Cards (updated on October 30, 2013) Source : https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1324-kro-changelog-october-30-2013/
  6. Spell Circuit [1] Matk + 20 per 2 refine rate. If refine rate is 7 or higher, reduces variable casting time by 10%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, increases neutral and shadow property magical damage by 10%. If refine rate is 11 or higher, increases water, wind, earth and fire property magical damage by 10%. Each refine rate above 10 will reduces fixed casting time by 0.1 second (up to 15). When equipped with Mental Stick, increases Psychic Wave damage by 5% per 2 refine rate of Mental Stick. When equipped with Kronos, increases Hell Inferno damage by 10% per 2 refine rate of Kro
  7. About the Genetic second improvement that is testing in Sakray. We got many feedback from players and then we'll improve some skills. The following information will be added in Genetic second improvement and the detail that will be added in the future. 1. Cart Cannon damage formula improvements. We received feedback from players that this skill and Rune Knight's Dragon Breath are special type skills that work differently from other skills that have hit/flee and HardDef calculation. And the skill animation doesn't be affected by attack speed. So. If we improve the ski
  8. Skills balance contents 1st classes 1. Swordsman 1.1 Magnum Break - Reduces delay after skill from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds. - Adds 2 seconds cooldown. 2. Merchant 2.1 Crazy Uproar - Adds 0.5 seconds fixed casting time. - Adds 1 second variable casting time. - Changes skill mechanism, grants Str + 4 and Atk + 30 to the user and nearby party members. - Adds 30 seconds cooldown. 3. Mage 3.1 Fire Bolt/ Cold Bolt/ Lightning Bolt - Increases fixed casting time from 0.88 seconds to 1.2 seconds (on level 10). - Reduces variable casting time from
  9. KRO adjusted many skills overtime on recently years. So to prevent people mixed up. I made the timeline of skill adjustment in KRO so you will know the order of adjustment. - Mechanic Improvement - Rune Knight Improvement - Shadow Chaser Improvement - Genetic Improvement - Archbishop Improvement - New classes : Star Emperor & Soul Reaper - Third classes skills adjustment on 185/65 patch - Mass skill balance (1st, 2nd and transcendent classes skills) - Expanded classes skills adjustment on 185/65 patch - Minstrel & Wanderer Improvem
  10. Varmeal Ticket is a crucial material that is used for exchanging Automatic equipment and enchant materials of both Automatic equipment and Sin weapons. Varmeal Ticket Varmeal Ticket can be obtained from 17.2 main quests, daily quests, and instance reward. Automatic Equipment Automatic equipment can be obtained by exchanging Illusion equipment and Varmeal Ticket There are enchant blueprint called "Automatic Modification Module" and "Automatic Module" used for enchanting Illusion equipment. Automatic Modification Module and Automatic Modu
  11. First classes set Second classes set Third classes set [First Class set] + [Second Class set] + [Thrid Class set] All Stat + 10, MaxHP + 5%, MaxSP + 5%. Ignores defense and magic defense of normal monsters by 50%. Expanded classes set (exclusive to their class only)
  12. The foll´╗┐owing MVP bosses will be enhanced by green aura. Orc Lord / Amon Ra / Nightmare Amon Ra / Vesper / Atroce / White Lady / Baphomet / Beelzebub (True form) / Boitata / General Daehyon / Dark Lord / Dark Snake Lord / Detardeurus / Doppelganger / Dracula / Drake / Eddga / Toxic Enchanted Chimera / Fallen Bishop Hibram / Hatii / Gioia / Gloom Under Night / Golden Thief Bug / Queen Scaraba / Gold Queen Scaraba / Ifrit / Samu´╗┐rai Spectre / Kades / Kiel-D-01 / Stormy Knight / Kraken / Lady Tanee / Timeholder / Ktullanux / Leak / Lord of the Dead / Maya / Spider Chariot / Mistress / Moon
  13. source : http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?seq=158&curpage=2 1. New function : Auto-feeding. I think you know how it works, don't need to explain. BTW this function only work on evolved pets. 2. Reduce intimacy rate. That means you will take longer time to raise them. (Raising evolved pet even take longer time than normal pet) 3. On the other hand, intimacy penalty from let your pet hungry of your death also be reduced too. 4. Hungry rate also be reduced. 5. Requires loyal intimacy pet to evolve. After evolution. Evolved pet intimacy will start at awkward.
  14. On level expansion patch of expanded classes. Many skills of expanded classes has been adjusted as below. 1. Ninja 1.1. Throw Shuriken - Changes damage calculation method. The skill will deal damage as percentage of user's attack instead of adding bonus flat damage. ((100 + (5 x skill level))%Atk) - Increases SP consumption from 2 to 5. 1.2. Throw Kunai - Changes damage calculation method. The skill damage will be increased depends on skill level instead of fixed 300%Atk. ((100 x skill level)%Atk) - SP consumption is 10 regardless skill level. - Removes 1 second del
  15. Added Item Efst Changed Skill Item Efst Files
  16. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Efst Files
  17. Added Item Changed Item Files
  18. Changed Quest Item Files
  19. Changed HatEffect Files
  20. Added LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox HatEffect Skill Item Files
  21. ---- Star Emperor ---- Light of the Moon Max level: 5 Prerequisite skill: Full Moon Kick level 3 Type: Support Description: Moon skill. Attracts moonlight, increases the damage of Full Moon Kick. This skill doesn't stacks with Light of the Sun and the Light of the Star. [Level 1]: damage increases + 5% / last 20 seconds / SP cost : 40 [Level 2]: damage increases + 10% / last 30 seconds / SP cost : 40 [Level 3]: damage increases + 15% / last 40 seconds / SP cost : 40 [Level 4]: damage increases + 20% / last 50 seconds / SP cost : 40 [Level 5]: damage increases + 25
  22. Changed HatEffect Files
  23. Today we'll introduce the new systems that will come along with fourth class. 1. Activity Point system When you change class to fourth class. You'll gain an Activity Point (AP) following HP and SP. AP will be used by some powerful skills. Max value of AP is 200 for all fourth class jobs. <Exclusive AP system for fourth class jobs will be added> AP can only be recovered by using certain skills that have ability to recovery AP. Some skills can recover AP to other players, or even consume AP from other players. (Above : Madness Crush
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