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  1. Hi Sigma, do you know where this illusion dungeon refine boxes come from? and the lapine upgraders (IDs 100003 and 100004)? Thank you!
  2. Hi Sigma, do you know if this new status effect applies with 100% chance on target when hit by comet? Thanks!
  3. Hi Sigma, the adoramus cooldown has changed or is it still 2 seconds? Thanks
  4. Hi sigma, about the new gx poisons, do the new effects replace the old ones? or the old effect still exists? exemple: does venom bleed now just reduces damage taken from melee reflect damage by 30%? or it reduces the damage taken from reflect and still reduces target's max HP by 15%?
  5. hi sigma, can you confirm the damage formula of Hells Plant? i've been looking on info about how does int and cannibalize level changes it (still a mystery for me), and searching on a database, noticed that the %atk there is different from the 500*skill level i've seen here. thank you very much for the help!
  6. Hi sigma, thanks for all this info. Any info about arm cannon delay? It used to have 2s delay on level 3... I've seen something about 0,65s cooldown on level 5 nowadays, but before this change, how was the delay?
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